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When we hear about millennials, a number of words typically come up—privileged, casual, technology-focused, self-absorbed, social media-obsessed…just to name a few. Meg Jay details in her book, , this leaves us with a critical ten-year period in which to jump start our lives and set ourselves up for success.As a therapist, psychology graduate student, and undergraduate instructor, I come in contact with millennials every day. I am in a unique place where I both experience the real stressors associated with emerging adulthood and help others navigate through their own.The best time to see a therapist is now, and here are some of the myths that keep us from asking for help: 5 Millennial Myths About Therapy 1. You’re right, therapy can be expensive, but it depends on whom you seek services from and how willing you are to investigate the resources available to you.If you are a university student, you likely have access to free or low-cost counseling on your campus.Don’t delay, talk about it soon to better understand your needs and how you view healthy relationships. Okay, maybe I’m sort of down, but it’s not like I’m grieving a death or going through a major life crisis. Maybe you don’t have a DSM-V diagnosis, but feeling stuck, nervous, or unsure is as good a reason as any to seek counseling.

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Are you noticing a pattern across your dating experiences?I have shown up to work wearing two different shoes after a sleepless night of wondering how I’m going to pay rent.I have alternated between PB&J’s and ramen noodles in a pitiful attempt to “mix things up”.Therapy can offer a judgment-free space to explore what you want out of your love life.Do you find yourself in a constant cycle of feeling excited about someone and being let down?

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