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Donal and Ameera broke up bitterly in 2015 when she publicly accused him of being a “lying, cheating scumbag”.

They were married for nine years and have three kids.

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If you're looking for something compact that will arouse no suspicion in your bedroom, a mini clock radio night vision camera will likely be the way to go.

At the same time, a clock radio located in an area like your kitchen may attract the type of attention you don't want.

Many hidden cameras have built-in rechargeable batteries that can run for between five and even ten hours or more without intervention - great for a situation where you need to monitor what is going on inside your home while you're at work or otherwise away.

Choosing a hidden camera that requires the use of a wall outlet may limit your options, but it will also guarantee you won't miss a minute of the event you're actually trying to capture.

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THE estranged wife of TV investigator Donal Mac Intyre has been arrested after he allegedly found a spy camera in his home.

Ameera Mac Intyre, 43, was accused of using a third party to plant the device, which was disguised as a coat hook.

As the name implies, the camera will only start recording when movement is recognized by an internal sensor.

This allows you to "set it and forget it" without needing to worry about whether or not you turned the camera on before you left the house.

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