Who is juanita bynum dating now

All of it," she said July 13 on the "Frank & Wanda in the Morning" radio program.Host Frank Ski immediately responded with: "Are you serious?"The unexpected confession was made as the self-professed prophetess was on the Atlanta-based station to discuss her "Get Your Life Back" theater production.The stage play – starring Bynum, Anthony Dalton and Miss Venetia "Princess" Lewis – tackles true life issues, shame and guilt, according to a description of the show.a man that loves his mama and respects his sisters. Though both pastored their own churches, they founded and co-pastored Global Destiny Church in Duluth.But now that Weeks is charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats against Bynum, some of her fans are being taught a lesson about fairy tales, some say.

I made those choices due to a lack of wisdom."Continuing, she stated, "I'm not insecure about being around people who have issues and struggles because I've been there and I've done it all."That's when she disclosed her past sexual relations with women.The statistics seemed to echo their concern: in 1996 on the eve of “No More Sheets,” nearly a fifth of all black women between 40 and 44 had never been married.Then, in stepped Bynum with her blunt, down-to-earth and at times raw sermon, which was later released on VHS by Jakes’ ministry.With each sheet she wrapped around her body that day, the crowd roared for “Prophetess” Juanita Bynum.At the singles’ conference, sponsored by fellow evangelist T. Jakes, Bynum spoke to her audience in plain, smoky-nightclub language about her battle with the flesh and her longing for a husband. “But I find it very difficult to listen to anybody preach to me about being single when they got a pair of thighs in [their] bed every night … I wanna hear ‘hold on’ from somebody that knows my struggle! To understand the powerful appeal of Juanita Bynum as a leading Pentecostal figure, one has to look back to that moment.

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