Who is john cena currently dating

(Source: Today) Lena Dunham perfectly captured the rollercoaster of emotions that can come from life in your 20s; wanting a boyfriend without having to deal with an actual relationship and wanting a job without having to work.

When the show finally wound up, she confessed that one of her biggest challenges was that people did not want to differentiate between her role on the show from who she really was.

Alicia has been with the WWE for quite some time and is one of the core women in the divas division.

After a rather tumultuous relationship with wrestler and former WWE superstar Wade Barret that ended in a very bad break up, she has kept most of her private life and covert as she can afford to.

Each time her relationships would implode all over the internet, everybody somehow instinctively went back to the ‘poor Jen’ wagon. (Source: The Guardian) which ran from 2005 to 2013.

Not only did she have a role on the show but also wore the hat of a writer, executive producer and would occasionally direct. Could John Cena be the ‘soup snake’ that Mindy has been waiting for?

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It is, however, interesting to note that since her split with then rapper boyfriend K’naan in 2015, she has kept most of her private life as just that, private.It was at the grandest stage of them all…Wrestlemania.After an electrifying match alongside his then girlfriend Nikki Bella, John Cena did what everyone had been waiting for, for the longest time.The news became public that Brad and Angelina had decided to get divorced.Both huge Hollywood stars with titles like they stole our hearts, even more, when they adopted Maddox, Zahara, and Pax.

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