Who is elvis duran dating

Returning to his bedroom, he took the first of three packets of sleeping pills, depressants and placebos - a confection of Seconal, Placidyl, Valmid, Tuinal and Demerol - prescribed by Dr Nick.

His next short tour was due to begin in Portland, Maine, on August 16. But he made little effort to reduce his weight, other than playing a little racquetball on his Graceland court.Now, though he would sometimes take a girl to bed while on tour, he would often call for a member of his entourage, frequently his cousin Billy Smith, to come and baby-talk him until the sleeping pills finally kicked in and he fell asleep.The chosen girl, meanwhile, would be sitting alongside him in bed, looking silly, ignored.And as always, money problems were pressing for Elvis and 'Colonel' Tom Parker, his manager.For reasons impossible to understand outside that of pure greed or the need to pay off another Las Vegas gambling debt, Colonel Parker now agreed a fee of 0,000 to have a couple of concerts filmed for a television special.

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