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They’re both goths who flee Sandusky in search of Stevie Nicks. This movie, one of the best lesbian films of all time, features the most tender and lovely sex scene between its titular characters.Josephine Baker’s boobs are pretty famous, and although our memories of this 1991 HBO film are dim, and we’re pretty sure it failed to properly convey Josephine Baker’s bravery, tenacity and *COUGH* queerness, still, it’s Lynn Whitfield as Josephine Baker, you know?

Michael Holden [ Unknown ], Robert Lipton [ Unknown ], Bert Remsen [ Judge George Markham ], Jeff Austin [ Insurance Adjuster ], Nathan Le Grand [ Detective Cale ], Bruce Newbold [ Surgeon ], Esther Scott [ Nurse #2 ], Rob Steinberg [ D. Paul Isley ], Mary Wickliffe [ Nurse #1 ], Douglas R.Do you remember the moment when you realized this was the first time you’d seen somebody with an im”perfectly” proportioned body having sex on television?She’s completely comfortable in her own skin and her lovers are, too, and the fact that as the writer/director, she’s doing it all on her own terms, makes it especially awesome.We’re especially fond of the love scene between Frida and Josephine Baker, played by Alvin Ailey dancer and Broadway actress Karine Plantadit-Bageot.So I guess we got Josephine Baker in this top ten two ways, so to speak.

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