Who is adam brody dating

This angers Rachel and she tells Cassandra off, which gets her kicked out of the class.When Rachel is painting a heart around Finn's name back in her and Kurt's new apartment, Brody stops by the loft to give her orchids and to reveal his feelings for her.Finn then insists that Rachel and Brody should sing a duet together on the karaoke, to which they are hesitant, but ultimately agree.They sing a pleasant rendition of Demi Lovato's Give Your Heart a Break, which is well received by the patrons.Brody once again tells Rachel that he likes her, which makes her smile bashfully.Rachel goes to the piano to practice the song A Change Would Do You Good.Later, during the Everytime montage, as Rachel dances with a boy instructed by Cassandra, Brody is seen outside the room, smiling and happy as Rachel gets to participate in class again.

Brody compliments her on her new makeover and reveals that he had a makeover, claiming that he was a "scrawny kid with a bad haircut and a unibrow".However, Rachel insists that they are just friends.Later, when Rachel and Finn go on a double date with Kurt and Blaine at the karaoke bar, Callbacks, Brody runs into the foursome, providing an awkward situation.Later, Rachel is cooking dinner, but burns it accidentally.When Brody arrives, they have a pizza dinner instead, laughing at Rachel's shocking cooking skills.

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