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When you only bring exactly what you’re actually going to wear you’re less likely to have a super messy hotel room and lose things! The airport is not a fashion show, so dress comfortably for your flight. Make sure to arrive a few hours before your flight so you can go through all the airport procedures without feeling rushed.Feeling like you may miss your flight is the worst, so just prepare ahead.The customer service department for Best Buy is available by phone, email and traditional mail.

Best Buy is an electronics company that sells televisions, computers, i Pods, stereos and much more.Best Buy offers a 30-day price match promise, 30 day phone support and 30 day return policy for all purchases made through the website.There is an online email form for contacting customer service here: When we clicked on the link for instructions on how to “allow” emails from Best Buy, we found an email address: Best Buy Online [email protected] you’re on a longer flight, you’re gonna need to eat.Airplanes don’t usually have the best food, so It’s smart to bring some snacks just in case.

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