Weight loss and dating

I don't think this is morally murky at all, since ultimately I am looking for someone who will help me be the best version of myself (i.e.: someone who will motivate me when I fall off the wagon)! Not because I don't want to, but because it inevitably gets me off track and makes me feel like shit.

Plus, the guys I meet always want to go out and drink a ton of beer and eat burgers and I'm not 100% comfortable being like "HEY I' M A RECOVERING FAT CHICK I CAN' T DO THIS TWICE A WEEK! Though honestly I've started just stating it the moment I order food, when I get the strangest looks for getting a small appetizer in place of dinner. I've got pictures, but I can see you want to retain the will to eat."There are plenty of dating options that don't involve the calories, expense, or full on time commitment of having a meal together.

I ended up meeting someone who was also losing weight.

He was down 120 pounds from a high of 500, and had about 150 or so to go.

Want to know some of my best dates with the woman I ended up marrying?

We met at the dog park and would just walk and talk for an hour or two while our dogs played. I think I have spinach in my teeth" or "aaaand now my breath smells like garlic and hummus" or "shit, did I drink too much? You're probably having problems with your new standards because you're still applying them to your old haunts. Sometimes you've gotta be somewhere new to get new results. Just started dating someone I really like but his food habbits are so different from mine and it's presenting challenges. We just got back from a weekend trip (our first time spending a full few days together)) and was hard for me watching how much food he consumes, and the quality of that food (poor choices).

I started online dating after having only lost about 20 pounds out of a total of 120 I needed to lose.

Ended up walking a couple miles before having dinner.I've decided to take a minute to vent, as I'm becoming a bit exasperated. ) The real stopping point for me has been trying to date while losing weight.Somehow, in spite of how many hurdles certainly exist in getting started on a good fitness routine, or maintaining the will to log my food each and every day. It starts with the fact that dating revolves almost entirely around food and eating out, which always makes it a hard day to counteract the extra calories that I will inevitably have.I should probably look into a side business walking dogs.. there's a million things you can do on a date, honestly sitting in front of someone for 45 minutes drives me insane with anxiety, what if the food sucks? Work on your conversation skills, make friends, see how many of the people you date WANT TO be around you, find new hobbies, learn what turns you off/on and then get more serious about it when you're feeling comfortable in your body. A lot of commentors are suggesting different kinds of dates, but as someone who recently spent a LOT of time in the dating world, that's just now how online dating works these days. It's a numbers game.most daters just want to keep things simple to start with.Be the guy that doesn't just fall back on a dinner date. or have you gone to two palm readers on the same night and see how it differs? Just be glad you don't have the dating pool I'm looking at in my area. Totally understand what you're going through though.

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