Webcam sex talking robot

On top of that, they have a plausible "meet-cute" story to share, able to answer the inevitable "How did you two meet?

" question with "Our friends set us up" rather than "We swiped right." Another benefit to Wingman is, in Wilson's words, the app's unique dating pool.

All of this makes for an interesting twist, considering that technology, which has previously been accused of creating communication problems (considering emails, messages and DMs do away with tone, facial expressions and nuance, leading to more ambiguity and misunderstandings), is now being deployed to offer solutions.

Bumble asks female users to message their matches first, therein making the "first move." If they subsequently decide to reach out, the man in question will, quite literally, disappear from their roster.

Bumble's head of brand, Alex Williamson, explains that initially the company found themselves tasked with shifting the stigma from online dating, especially because women were more averse to the concept of meeting online.

Now, the dating app you've chosen to download may say as much about you as your carefully constructed bio.

Bumble, the progressive niece of online dating giant Tinder (which was, in turn, a heterosexual answer to the wildly successful gay dating app Grindr) was conceived by CEO Whitney Wolfe in 2014 to flip "unfair and antiquated" gender power dynamics.

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