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It was time to take a stand.”And, on Valentine’s Day, NPR reporter Tovia Smith wrote about the dating website, Trump Singles.com, "a kind of safe space for Trump supporters who say they're sick of the ‘lefties’ refusing to even give them a chance.”Trump Singles founder David Goss said, "You know, like a liberal doesn't want to date a Nazi.

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There’s no limit to the amount of wonderful romantic experiences that you can have in the District, any time of the year.In a politically-focused culture, every date is a potential minefield, reminiscent of Seinfeld’s Elaine who breaks up with a good-looking man with “character and integrity” because he’s pro-life. I've experienced this myself: A couple years ago I was matched on OKCupid with a man who immediately messaged that he recognized my photo and, without any additional pleasantries, asked, “How can I speak on a panel at CPAC?” This was not the best-laid plan: I haven’t been the director of CPAC in almost seven years... just cemented my belief that I want a partner with shared values and goals, but I do not care about a shared voting record.Increasingly, people have added political preferences to further filter out the supposedly undesirables.And, if you’re sifting through the pool of a large dating app, petty pickiness might seem justified because you’re still presented with hundreds of options (though their “truthiness” may vary).

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