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What this model also tells us that it’s not about ”instead of”, it’s about ”together with”.

It’s about looking at the big picture where services, marketing, technology and products blur, because for customers these interactions are usually a means to an end, a path to a desired goal rather than the goal itself.

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For example, a 30 second TV spot can reach a wide audience but doesn’t really create any direct value, while a local LEGO user group reach a small audience but create a strong community that give both the people involved and the company lots of value back.

(Note: the position of the touchpoints has to be analyzed individually for every brand/customer segment – the model above is an example) The most successful brands are the ones that can create true value, build a relationship with their customers and give them tools that, at the end of the day, make the brand irreplaceable.

Well, in general we see that the lower half of the grid is where traditional advertising and marketing belongs (requiring skills in creating buzz with interesting and/or entertaining content), while the upper half is more about service design (requiring skills in creating value for customers).

Identifying which touchpoints that works best with the consider, evaluate, buy, enjoy/advocate/bond phases and how we can help the customer take the next step are key to a successful CDJ.

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