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It's also launching Oculus TV to watch video content in virtual reality, partnering with Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Showtime, and others.Facebook exec Ime Archibong butters up Facebook's developer base in a short speech, touting numbers about how fast it's grown, where it's going next, and the importance of the international developer community.Onstage, Zuckerberg thanks Koum for his service, calling him "a tireless advocate for privacy and encryption." (The Washington Post reported that Koum was leaving amid tensions with Facebook execs over encryption.) Facebook will be integrating a feature for online dating directly into its main social-networking app.The feature, called Dating Home, will be opt-in and accessible by clicking on a small heart icon in the top right of the Facebook app.There's a flurry of new features coming to Whats App. But overall it's a largely subdued recap, which makes sense; the American audience is far less familiar with Whats App than the rest of the world. Some 8 million people are registered as a blood donor on the platform already.

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It might use decades old-footage to create a VR version of a childhood home.

Here's how it all went down (scroll all the way to the bottom and then scroll up to start from the beginning of the event in chronological order): After two hours, day one of the 2018 F8 is finished.

Now the company will host hundreds of breakouts sessions with the thousands of developers in attendance, and there will be another set of more technical keynotes on Wednesday morning.

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Day one of Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, kicked off Tuesday morning.

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