Video game fan dating

You have the chance to meet even more people by welcoming new users, exploring anime fans near you, and participating in our forums.

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Some sites even get as detailed as not only letting you showcase what games you like, but also on what platform you prefer to play them, so you can meet other who you could potentially bond with over a gaming session or two. glitchtale --- : , Glitchtale glitchtale, , " ", - ., () , . When you join Mai Otaku (pronounced My Otaku), the first thing to do is list your favorite anime (from our list of all of them) and any conventions you have attended.The site offers various ways to express yourself, including with blogs and videos and has a fun video-game like layout.Profiles are extensive, which lets you really get to know potential matches, and have numerous areas to express your geek passions such as with albums or blogs.

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