Updating the transfer rule

PF10 Anonymity and Prohibition of Publication Order is revised to make exceptions within the Order where communication between the Court Funds Office and an anonymised party or litigation friend; or a financial institution is necessary.A copy of the new form will be published on Formfinder shortly and it can be used immediately A new protocol “Pre-action protocol for resolution of package travel claims” is introduced and comes into effect on .Amendments to the rules are contained in the 95th Update to the Civil Procedure Rules. The following forms are amended: N461Judicial Review Claim Form and N461(PC) Judicial Review Claim Form Planning Court (revised forms coming into force 6 April 2018)N462 Judicial Review Acknowledgment of Service and N462(PC) Judicial Review Acknowledgment of Service (Planning Court) (revised forms coming into force 6 April 2018)N463 Judicial Review Applicant for urgent consideration (revised form may be used after 26 March 2018)Amendments to practice directions are contained in the 94th Update to the Civil Procedure Rules.

These amendments provide for the enforcement through the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton of Penalty Charge Notices issued against the registered keeper of a vehicle form which a littering offence is committed outside London.

Rule 47.6 is amended to provide for the filing of electronic and/or paper versions of the bill of costs, if appropriate, and to direct users to the relevant practice direction supplementing Part 47 (Practice Direction 47).

The majority of amendments relating to the New Bill of Costs are made to Practice Direction 47and will be published as part of the Practice Direction Making Document supporting the rule changes.

The amendments insert provision to ensure that there is procedure for additional forms of civil recovery proceedings resulting from amendments to POCA by the Policing and Crime Act 2009, the Crime and Courts Act 2014 and the Criminal Finances Act 2017, and make consequential amendments needed as a result of the POCA (External Investigations) Order 2013 and the POCA (External Requests and Orders) (Amendment) Order 2013.

The amendments to practice directions supporting the 92nd Update to the Civil Procedure Rules and the 93rd Update containing amendments to practice directions are now in force.

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