Updating hal error access denied

I was working fine all day, and then out of the blue applications started closing; everything but several IE windows.

I closed the IE windows and tried to soft boot (ctl-alt-del) but got no response, so I hit the power switch. [I'm sending this from my old, outdated, but reliable Windows NT computer that I hadn't yet wiped out]. I've been poking around trying to find a solution, but everything seems to run into another problem.

I don't remember if that was the case initially, or just after playing around for a while.

I wanted to try to expand from the CD, but I keep getting "Access Denied" on all my pc files.

The registry database is the central database for your computer, where all your Windows files and settings are kept tucked away.

Have you tried copying the version in the Windows\System32 folder to the root?If for some reason or other your system does not have this editor in the specified location, you could try downloading this free DOS editor and putting it on your boot floppy, and from there copy to the C: drive: found an old DOS 6.2 boot disk which has Now I have a stupid question (my dos is pretty rusty).You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.Windows 7 Error 5 Access Denied Windows 7 Error 5 Access Denied ling|letdown|lack of success|disappointment}.

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