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An application specific chip (ASIC) can be far more efficient and do 4k upscaling with no effort what so ever for stuff all cost.

Having said that, if decent deinterlacing and scaling hardware costs even a couple of dollars per unit extra to use its likely wont be in a basic TV because its expected that most people will never notice or care, and they dont.

What is the Kogan 4K big screen like – for example? The Kogan that appeared last year got poor reviews esp. You almost certainly wont see any resolution advantage over a 1080 TV at a normal viewing distance with a 55", but you will see the poor picture quality of a cheap TV at pretty much any distance. Surely if you are doing video editing or any quality graphics work you need a colour and gamma accurate display, thats VASTLY more important and useful then lots of pixels.

A good 1080 TV beats a low grade "4K" TV hands down every time. With its high resolution, would it be good for 3d modeling and video editing, which is a hobby, I have a high spec computer, with GTX Titan black graphics card, SSD's, 1000 watt p/s, intel i7.I bought a Bauhn 42inch 1080p from Aldi 5 years ago and have never had any problems with it, great picture, so im curious about this new one... I suggest a pro grade PC monitor, thats what people who do real work use, not a bottom grade TV.

Yes Initially looks good but be aware no wifi manual link here, it mentions wifi dongle but nothing else, so if wifi dongle and only 1 usb port, what do you do if your playing back media files from a usb stick?? suct-listing/55inch-4k-ultra-hd-led-smart-tv) all state Wi-Fi as included, and after looking through the documentation included on that site from OP I would say it is built-in.

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There's many more important variables to a good panel. Particularly for a TV that the large retailers are charging thousands for.That's a different issue entirely and unrelated to upscaling. AKAI , Hitachi TV's and various others are SOURCED by tempo i.e they're all imported from Chinese OEMs.I'll bet the ALDI TV (like most cheap TV's) doesn't offer motion interpolation for good reason, its costs money. Have nothing to do with the Brand names slapped on them..As it's an a Aldi product though I would expect it to have several frustrating habits.The only redeeming feature is the fact you can use it for 60 days and then take it back no questions asked if it is not up to standard.

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