Updating firmware for router

Other devices have minimal "bootloader" firmware, enabled usually by operating a switch or jumper, which does not enable the device to work normally but can reload the main firmware.

A personal computer which uses Windows' operating system can be bricked by a loss of power during the update process, or by installing a faulty device driver.

Some devices include two copies of firmware, one active and the other stored in fixed ROM or writable non-volatile memory and not normally accessible to processes that could corrupt it, as well as a way to copy the stored firmware over the active version, even if corrupt, so that if the active firmware is damaged, it can be replaced by the copy and the device will not be bricked.Recovering from a hard brick is generally considered difficult and requires the use of a more direct programming interface to the controller; such an interface exists as there must be a way to program the initial firmware on an unprogrammed device.However, additional tools or connections may be needed.This procedure will flash the router to factory settings and original firmware.Sometimes an interrupted flash upgrade of a PC motherboard will brick the board, for example, due to a power outage (or user impatience) during the upgrade process.

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