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However, an aircraft or major component will not be stripped to the point where it is used primarily as a source of parts and becomes uneconomical to repair.

All parts removed from crash-damaged aircraft must be inspected as per TM 1-1500-328-23 before being used on serviceable aircraft.

All RX stocks should be located and maintained at the AVIM level. Controlled substitution or exchange is the removal of serviceable parts from an unserviceable item of equipment for installation on another item to make it serviceable.

According to AR 750-1, repair parts and components may be removed from aircraft that are classified as NMCS; NMCM; or PMC.

The PBO at the appropriate level of command will designate the level of responsibility that will maintain the durable document register. DMCs, under the support operations sections of the TSC, COSCOM, and DISCOM, manage distribution of all resources in their areas of responsibilities.

Throughput eliminates the need for double handling.

Scheduled supplies normally are shipped to users based on preplanned distribution schemes.

Classes I, III (bulk), V, and VI are typically scheduled supplies. Class III (bulk) is based on long-range forecasts, equipment densities, and historic usage factors.

Procedures to account, manage, and issue RCF items will be included in AR 710-1.

Changes in planned program repair will be the basis for asset change.

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