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An important consideration when selecting columns are the materials from which they are made like wood, composite, fiberglass, wrought iron, and many more.

See our Ideas for Columns page to help you select the right material for your porch columns.

The double column design in front isn't needed to support the roof; however, they do add additional privacy for those sitting on the benches. One, both the columns and benches are painted white to match the window trim giving it a very cohesive look and two, two faux columns (not needed to support the roof) were added against the house wall completing the design.If you are looking for do-it-yourself products for your porch, you way want to view our Porch Parts Resources section.We feature Vintage Woodworks who carries a wide selection of columns, column wraps, and porch posts to create a beautiful curb appealing porch.If you are building a new home, consider your view and the depth of your porch when planning for your columns.If you have an existing porch, the extra columns can be removed in most cases.

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