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The child sitting on their bed now has a mobile device in their hands with Internet and social media access.

Our social media connected teen is now not only exposed to the people in their neighborhood, or just the people in the United States.

Police Detectives from Cleveland Police are liaising with Snapchat and Skype in the hope of tracking them down.

Her father said that his daughter told many of the men that she was ten years old, but that it only encouraged them to ask for explicit images. When she refused the predator said “Your parents won’t come into your room in the time it will take to get out of your pajamas.” Her father added that the most frightening exchange he read was one in which a man offered to transfer his daughter money so that she might travel to meet up with him.

The girl was given the tablet to help with her schoolwork, but unfortunately the mobile device was used for social media applications like Snapchat and Skype.

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What is the fear of allowing their child unsupervised outside the home?

The general concern among parents is the possibility of their child meeting someone they don’t know, someone dangerous.

Predators who try to sexually exploit children for the purpose of producing child pornography often share that pornography, or access to the child, with other predators.

The predator’s methodology was a textbook use of social media to manipulate and exploit this young girl.

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