Understanding men in dating

In short, nature has made sure that men try very hard to impress women and it has wired women to single out the men with the best leader-ship and survival skills.Don’t make the mistake of following the above mentioned concepts blindly. Humans are complex creatures and upbringing and imprinting play vital roles in defining male (and female) behavior. Check out this Video, What Men Secretly Want, by Relationship Coach James Bauer.

If a man is not alpha, he has low status and hence he cannot guarantee the safety of the woman and her children.So if you want to connect with a man – take him on a walk or hike instead of just sitting in a coffee shop and chatting. Boating, driving, trekking, even cooking is a much better option than simply talking.Men are not great at processing emotions and hence they won’t derive much pleasure from listening alone.3) Men are highly visual creatures: Men have evolved to react quickly and strongly to visual stimuli.Don’t freak out if he looks at other attractive women – it’s more of a reflex for him. If your man stares at other women – it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t find you attractive or has no feelings for you, so relax – he just being a man!

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