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There exists a prevailing perception among Liberians, that when a Liberian becomes a naturalized US citizen, the individual loses his Liberian citizenship. According to Bella Consultants, naturalized US citizens are not legally obligated to give up their citizenship of their country.

The United States has never ordered any newly naturalized citizens to present themselves to their native country's embassy in order to formally renounce their original citizenship.

In essence, an individual Liberian who obtained United States Citizenship is still a Liberian, especially on Liberian soil.

It is hypocritical to advocate for the adjustment of Liberians' status on TPS to that of US Permanent Residency or naturalized US citizenship and at the same time condemning others seeking the presidency of the Republic of Liberia for obtaining and having dual citizenship.

Another attribute points to the return of nationalism, very often associated with the collapse of empires and old state entities, like the Soviet Union.

The important thing to remember about the oath of allegiance is not the renunciation of your original citizenship, which the US does not enforce, but to remember the allegiance and fidelity you swear to the United States of America.

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Economic is the main motivation here, avoiding the stiff estate taxes that the U. government imposes on foreigners operating in the United States. was in effect acting to protect dual allegiances.• The State Department said that as far as it can tell, Hussein Mohammed Aidid, a U. Marine Corps veteran, is still a naturalized American citizen as well as Somalia's most powerful warlord. These children if come of age will demand for the citizenship of both Liberia and Nigeria. The International institute in the State of Rhode Island reported years ago, that there are about 15,000 Liberians within Rhode Island and its environs.

There is a large degree of evidence of naturalized US citizens operating in official capacities in their former country of origins. and Lebanese citizenship runs Beirut's Marriott Hotel and Casino.• Also, the U. State Department and Slovakia rescinded an old treaty, thereby enabling "the citizens of both countries to hold dual citizenship," the Slovak Embassy in Washington said.• Washington protested when Israel threatened to revoke the residency rights of Palestinian Americans in Jerusalem unless they surrendered their American passports. Let‘s assume that half of this number, each decided to have a child, collectively they will have 7,500 children.

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