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Sales order type used for third-party – OR (standard order) Item category for third-party – TAS Schedule line category for third-party – CS Let’s look deeper into the settings in the system done for automatic and standard third-party process: ITEM CATEGORY TAS: indicator is not marked in TAS.ALES is an item category for third-party processing where this indicator is marked.However, there is a special item category – ALES which can be used instead in third-party process.

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It is possible to automatize the next step, the creation of purchase order, as well. The indicator for the automatic creation of purchase order is not set for TAS item category.

That is, the system allows invoicing the order only when vendor’s invoice has been processed in invoice verification.

The customer invoice is created for the quantity specified in the vendor invoice.

GOODS RECEIPT Since during third-party processing goods are moved directly from the vendor to the customer, inventory management is not affected by this event.

However, if sales department would like to document and enter delivery to the customer in the system it is possible depending on settings in customization.

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