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It gave me similar spurts of emotion that even surprised myself. I knew I was going to be emotional through some bits, but I surely wasn't expecting that.

It got to the point where I couldn't read it at school anymore because I almost starting crying in the middle of French (my French teacher probably would have understood though; he harbors a similar interest in Johnny Weir as mine).

All in all, the book says pretty much what I expected it to say and would, perhaps, have pred I think my reaction to this book can be summed us as follows:1. The insult of introducing a three time US Champion and bronze World medalist with "Johnny speaks French and Russian and likes fashion" is kind of stunningly dickish all these years later.

Johnny makes a drug analogy in a press conference – ohmygod, he’s a drug addict!

(Amazing.)Although I have no doubt that Johnny was poorly treated by his federation, egregiously underscored by the judges, and misrepresented by much of the media, it’s hard not to suspect him of sanding some of the rough edges off his story and casting himself in the best light possible.

There are some gaps, some truths he doesn’t seem willing to divulge (yet).

Most of the content will be familiar to any fan (or anyone who’s seen the excellent documentary, ), but there are a few unexpected anecdotes.

Like the time Johnny injured himself during Grand Prix season by daring Evan Lysacek to a handstand contest in Russia.

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