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Including Mitchell 204S, 206S, 300, 300 small spool pre-wound, 306 308, 308S, 386, 403, 406, 3310, 4410 Large, 4420, 486, 4420, 710, 900, 906, large skirted spool. The reel is in excellent condition with minor rim rub. Mitchell Spools - We have hundreds of Mitchell spools old new stock and used. Spools are priced from to and vary by model and size of spool. Three screw spool latch cover (1930"s hole pattern). Includes original box, paperwork and black soft leather, sheepskin lined Hardy case. Includes original box, paperwork and brown soft leather, sheepskin lined Hardy case. On the crank plate numbers 80 and initials JL, Jack Luke. Diameter 3 3/8 inches, spool width 1 1/8 inches, overall width 1 5/8 inches. The diameter measures 3.25 inches with a 11/16 inch spool width, WF5F line weight. The number 1 is stamped on the crank plate, the spool and inside tensioner plate.

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Although the line guard is set up for LHW (left hand wind), the check is for RHW (right hand wind).

Includes original cardboard box, pouch, paperwork and spare spool with pouch.

Spools holds 250 yards of 20 # backing plus 40 yards of fly line. Two screw latch, Two screw nickel silver line guard.

The condition is sound mechanically with finish wear.

Includes leather pouch, paperwork and original box.

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