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Nicole is Insta-famous in her own right and has been Shaun's girlfriend for two years.Though you might not realize it from her Instagram account, she very occasionally updates to let her fans know that they're still together.The source said that they have both deleted most of their pictures together on their social networks.It looks like they are both moving on and just aren’t ready to share the news with everyone just yet.shared the details about their big split and the fact that Barbie is already moving on and dating.The couple is still staying quiet, but multiple sources are confirming the news that they are done.

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Each woman featured on the show is totally different than the others, and their careers range from stay-at-home moms to work-focused jetsetters who barely even see their significant others.I can't imagine how these WAGS and their athlete partners do it.Here's the current status of all of the relationships you'll see on WAGS when it premieres on E! These two are engaged and have a three year-old daughter, but they've been together for over 10 years.She began her professional career as a Venus Swimwear bikini model.John Laurinaitis discovered her while she was modeling and pursued her to enter into the wrestling world.

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    Communication is a skill that must be learned and practiced in order to have a successful marriage.

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