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Saying or doing the wrong thing, on the other hand, can leave you on the bad side of one the most powerful girls in a school for monster slayers.

The Bonding Events are presented in a visual novel-like format that's fun and engaging for a number of reasons that sound completely silly until you've tried it and find yourself hooked: the feeling of being at the centre of the conversation, rather than the action, the slice-of-life character development that comes out of each scene, the potential for mischief with the wrong — or right — dialogue options (and the plethora of save files that allow for guilt-free experimentation), the undeniable appeal of being able to talk your way into irresistibility with don't-try-this-at-home ease, and the underrated thrill that comes from acting as the world's greatest listener.

It sounds like relatively typical JRPG fare, but what sets Conception apart is the particular manner in which you'll be saving the world: teaming up with the seven strongest girls in school to create Star Children — adorably diminutive warriors of various occupations that accompany you into battle — through the suggestive and stupendously-named ritual of "Classmating".

Conception II inherits gameplay genes from both its parent genres, and is neatly divided into two complementary halves: dating sim-style conversational sequences and "Bonding Events" on the menu-based town map, and dungeon crawling in the Dusk Circle labyrinths.

During Bonding Events — first-person conversations with one of the game's seven heroines — you'll select different dialogue choices (or perform other actions, such as gift-giving) to steer the conversation in a particular direction.

Pick the conspicuously chivalrous, "best", and/or most appropriate option in a given situation, and you'll improve both your date's mood and your relationship.

Once you select a story, you then click “next” to reveal a story, chat by chat.Although it currently doesn’t monitor Hooked (because there’s really nothing for it to monitor), Bark is effective in monitoring i Message activity on i Phones, which parents really like.Brought into the world by Spike Chunsoft — of both Danganronpa and Street Pass Battle/Warrior's Way fame — Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a delightfully different affair.That becomes particularly important once you build up a sizeable stable of Star Children, because these close-knit siblings fight in groups of three, and particular class combinations can grant them uniquely powerful Team Skills.Once you've got your affections distributed and your team assembled, it's time to turn the power of love into, well, power; you do this by heading into the Dusk Circles for some dungeon-crawling family bonding time.

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