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It's starting to affect my self-esteem to because I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me and I've come to the conclusion that it's everything about me and surely enough, I'm starting to give up hope :/ I don't think I'll find someone, despite what people say, because I just don't think it will happen for me. I know I'm shy, but I am pretty fit and I don't have a whole lot of acne. There's this guy i met on tinder premium who ive been talking too since may. He called me this last weekend and we talk for a couple hours. I love the night so sharing night adventures with someone woulx be fun and just to find someone that the rest of the town might not know exists. Tried to talk to her about how she seems distant last night and was met with her playing dumb and kind of reiterating her desire to take it slow. She messaged me after the last time I saw her in the office so we haven't talked in person but I'm not sure how to take this.Anyways every morning this month he snap chats me and says good morning beautiful. I've noticed the last two days he hasn't done the good morning texts. I've dated quite a bit but have never had it go from so hot to so cold so quickly. She's my type and she's so nice but I don't want to put any pressure on her as she is new and I would feel bad if I made her uncomfortable. There's actually been a few successful relationships that grew from employees here (and one unholy one) but I'm not sure how to even approach her about this. Various things to being single: 1.) Ability to look good (many single people are in shape, look good, age well, etc.Our first 2 dates she didn't reach for the wallet and since the 3rd and on, I mostly take care of everything. Should I be upfront and say something or does anyone have some other advice.She's bought a few rounds, we split food once and she acknowledges and thanks me everything I take care of the tab. I know that some people might view the order as dating/married THEN sex, but are there people who start off with sex then end up dating? I have a fear about not wanting to be around woman because im afraid of getting falsely accused of sexual harassment.Basically what I’m trying to get at is, is this a good idea? Ive never had a GF, I have only slept with one girl (friend with benefits and she came onto me... Tinder obviously caters to sexual encounters, whereas I am looking for a significant other I can connect with on an emotional/intellectual level.

Its driving me nuts i keep thinking of this and dont wanna seem crazy or obsessive so i don't say anything to him about it. 2.) Money - ability to have a lot, spend it on whatever, have nice clothes, car, place to live, vacations, etc. Not to brag but I have a lot of things many wish they could have (getting a 0 shirt or taking a fancy vacation is the norm) 3.) You can do what you want. Some people want to move but since their significant other doesn't, they can't (I know many unhappy couples because someone wants to move or do something but the other doesn't) 4.) Can't come home from a long day at work and do nothing.Can't plop on the couch or if you don't feel like doing dishes you don't have to. If you're not up for sex you don't have to do that either because no one will get upset. If you're at a family get together you don't have to stay for the sake of someone else 6.) Can't be cheated on.Not all girls cheat but many do and are not trustworthy. That's pretty much the only thing I can think of. I'm Albanian so there are parts of my personal and family life which are very cultural, like the food we eat or the music we listen to.It just seems like many of these girls are doing it for attention or want money. Is there an app with UX optimized for finding others that share your interests rather than being predominantly about looks? TLDR: looking for dating app that places emphasis on interests So my gf and i are both 23 and been going out for a couple months and she has a friend whos this bodybuilding dominant black guy and whenever hes around he shakes my hand and squeezes it really hard and makes me look weak and she laughs but then when im with her i ask her if she has any feelings for anyone else and she says no and we both love each other heaps but recently we both go out on fridays and saturdays with our friends me with my boys and her with her girls and i got told that she was with the guy at the club anyways what do you all think i should do? She got sick apparently, and despite being sick, she was still talking to me all the time.I dont wanna fight him cause he would kick my ass tbh Why is it so hard for people to admit that they're just not interested? Eventually it went from interest, to short, quick responses, until she just stopped replying altogether. I notice guys are always attempting to pursue me out or desperation, or when they are heartbroken or rejected.

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