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A conversation going a certain way; a train taken together on a rainy morning.

Perhaps all one Akechi Goro needed to find his salvation was a cup of ramen being exchanged by a healthy meal for once......well, that, and Kurusu Akira who remembers the future and is now determined to save him, of course.

Li Tiejun, an internet security expert, told Sixth Tone that the current public worry seems to stem from a “feeling” expressed by the auto executive, and that there is no hard evidence to prove that Tencent has been checking or storing users’ chat logs.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time concerns have been raised about the possibility of the messaging app violating users’ privacy.

And to be frank, Karkat does not know how much he can take before he snaps. jade, dave and karkat figure out how to be in a relationship while being three supremely fucked up peoplenote: the rape/underage stuff does not occur in the events of the story, but happened to a central character before the story started and he has flashbacks.

chapters that deal heavily with these themes will have warnings in the chapter notes BCD, a trio vocal group, trying to survive despite their differences.

Get all the fun of online dating with none of the commitment. Instead of telling them to get lost, Ignis surprises all of them--and himself--by playing along.

What Ignis doesn't know is that the guys set "Pax's" account up together, intending to share the effort of Making Iggy Have Fun three ways.

Despite his best intentions, he starts to fall for this insightful, easy-going listener who carries nothing of the weight of the crown.

alt title: Three Awkward Teenagers Talk About Their Feelings (Or Don't) Dave isn't quite over John, his former crush. John has a sexuality crisis that may or may not be related to Dave. :)Jin Dad: Aww, my youngest really is the most polite ♥Taeddy Bear: /not in bed/Kookie Monster: TAE-HYUNG!

The three of them try (and sometimes fail) to figure it out. oranother chatfic AU that no one asked for :) At first, no one noticed anything besides how irritable he was.

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