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Then, you follow up with a picture text clue of what they can expect! I let him choose from the cards how he most wanted to be pampered. And, I was surprised when the things he chose were not what I thought he would! By the end of the week, you will LOVE to pamper your husband and you will no longer be wonder how to pamper your wife… Their son, Phineas, was twice married, and had eleven children, and settled on the paternal estate. He married Lakin Willard, and had ten children, viz.: Leland, Joshua, son of Caleb, was born in Grafton, Mass. Joshua died May 27, Pierce and has two children, Arthur F.

Every day your spouse can peek in the envelope for a new surprise all week long!

A card with a poem sits right on top explaining how the week will work.

When your spouse opens the card, an envelope train unfolds!

We have been compelled, owing to lack of space, to limit these sketches to only those who have felt and manifested an interest in preserving the records of their ancestors.

A large portion of these sketches will be found in connection with the chapters containing the history of the respective towns, while in this chapter we print those received too late for insertion elsewhere.

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