Second life dating ideas

AWE3 speeds have just recently been achieved and they seem to be fairly unstable producing the most pseudo-randomly unique results ever.

That being said, this is a work of pseudo-art since by every flick of a mouse button in AWE3 and beyond, you generate a pseudo-randomly unique profile.

☒ Mod ☑ Copy ☒ Trans ✗ Grief ☆ No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry, ☆ ✪ Don't kill the dream - execute it ✪ I build and i sculpt and usually I can be a total shopaholic.

Further speeds might be achievable based on how well your brain reacts to extreme AWE speeds.

It is known that going sufficiently high with this setting might trigger the catatonically grin syndrome which basically swipes an endless grin on your face and slightly jots your eyeballs out of your eye sockets until you are not able to move anymore and just lucidly dream about awesome profiles.

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