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Warn Zoey about Mal before meeting his downfall (failed at first but then succeeded). Losing Sierra to Heather ehh tragic, but I still have the upper hand, the president of Cody's fan club doesn't know a thing about me no one does, and I intend to keep it that way, because compared to me Heather's a saint.

For most of World Tour, he presented himself as a respectful, charming, polite, and friendly gentleman in order to hide his true self.

Alejandro along with Sierra and Blaineley make their debut in the Total Drama Action Special and was shown be very rude, scurrilous, and inconsiderate, as he pushes Cody out of his way while walking on the red carpet and ignores Chris Mc Lean's friendly greeting.

He was voiced by Marco Grazzini in Total Drama: Action and most of Total Drama: World Tour, in the finale of Season 3, he was voiced by Keith Oliver.

In Total Drama: All Stars, he was voiced by Alex House, who also played his older brother, José.

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