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' I'm not saying I'm voting for her because she's a woman, but I think what keeps so many people from being behind her, from loving her, is in some subtle ways because of her sex.What I want more than anything is for people to be born with a woman president, so that it's just a fact of life.People applying for restricted application courses (those with early assessments such as interviews or portfolio assessment) must list any such course on their CAO application by this date.February 5th: Online facility to amend course choices becomes available for a late fee of €10 until March 1st.Being a woman is extra, because, you know, women always do a better job than men [laughs]. https:// @Samantha Sturm - 7/11/18 pm The acting being done by @alexisbledel in @Handmaids On Hulu is truly astounding.I think it's important to have a female role model to show girls they can do it, too, and they belong in positions of power.

The HPAT test takes place in centres around the country on Saturday, February 27th.

And going forward, a race won't be about whether or not a woman can be president, it's whether or not the best candidate can win, regardless of any other racial, gender circumstances.

I don't think it matters that [Hillary] is a female; I think it matters that she's the best qualified for the job.

Reactions like these make me wary of even hinting I'd like to have a woman as president.

My opinions, research and knowledge are immediately invalidated as I'm told I'm voting with my uterus and not taking democracy seriously. I think it'd be really freaking awesome to have a female president.

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