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Not impressed please can you fix it Evelyn Friday November 21, 2017 Doesn t always load, just spinning blank tiles.Music starts to play even if global device setting is silent or vibe-only mode.for some of us this is the only communication we can have worth others long distance.I have not figured out how to play other people out there , maybe by writing this someone will read it and challenge me to a game I am on face book, my name is Gayla (Champeau) Hall.It would help me see them better when I have lots of tiles and to be able to align the tiles by my next move.

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On top of this, Charlotte needs someone to work with up to where she is rumored to drop the Women’s Title to Sasha Banks.▶ HOW TO PLAY Slide your triangular tiles onto the “board,” matching one of the sides with the side of a tile that’s already in play.▶ OR PLAY BY YOURSELF If you want to play on your own or practice in between games with friends, try the single player mode—you can test your skills and strategy by playing against the computer.▶ PUZZLES Challenge yourself with the new Puzzles.Diana Broome February 2, 2017 Absolutely awesome game.

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