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However, Brad fatally drowned in 2009, and his daughter, Colleen Carlton, died by a similar fate several months later in 2009, leaving Abby as the sole beneficiary to the Carlton estate.

After the deaths of the Carltons, Abby began to rebel against her parents.

In 2008, Abby's birth year was revised to 1994 when she was said to be 14 years old in December 2008.

Marcy Rylan believes that Abby is such a rebel because she needs attention to feel like she matters to those around her.

Then, Abby planned to start her own reality television show, entitled "The Naked Heiress", but she didn't have the money to fund her dream.

Abby's parents eventually reunited and Brad became jealous when Abby bonded more with her real father Victor.Abby believed her father was Brad Carlton, and was consequently given his last name.When Ashley had cancer, she recorded a video message for Abby to see when was older, and revealed Victor was her biological father.Soon after, she began flirting with Daniel Romalotti.When Billy and Victoria Newman Abbott refused to help Abby with her reality television dream, she blackmailed Billy in order to be featured in his magazine, Restless Style.

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