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READ MORE: Man suffers facial injuries in city centre nightclub attack A further two workers, let go in January, are still awaiting payment and their P45.A formal grievance was submitted on behalf of the Banshee workers by 25-year-old duty manager Lauren Nixon two weeks ago, but as yet no formal response has been received by staff.READ MORE: Man suffers facial injuries in city centre nightclub attack Overall, only 47 per cent of staff wages earned since December having been paid to workers from Banshee. After several failed promises they took a stand with an ultimatum to their boss.

As well as the unpaid wages, Ms Nixon, along with another member of staff, had been given a promotion which they were told came with a salary of £17,000.

Thanks.” DAVID Mc MASTER, 20, one of the staff let go in this way, said: “We were underpaid and it was well under.

I wanted to know what was going on and why we had not been paid.

More info: Wikipedia ; MB21 ; The Big Tower Coordinates: 55°58'30" N, 03°49'06" W ; Elevation: 155 m (508 ft); Tower height: 152 m (499 ft) The Westerglen transmitting station is a facility for longwave and mediumwave broadcasting established in 1932 at Westerglen Farm, 3 km south west of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Four radio programmes are broadcast from the site on frequencies of 810, 909, 10 k Hz.

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