Radtreeview not updating

To that end, to the right of the Tree View I have three buttons: "Add," "Edit," and "Delete." The user first selects a node within the Tree View, and then clicks a button to the right to specify an operation to perform on the selected Tree Node. What it means is that when I select a Tree Node in the Tree View, I don't want an immediate Post Back. I just want to select the Tree Node (i.e., apply the Selected Tree Node style to it, and update the Java Script Tree View object so it knows which node is selected), and *that's all*. The third option, simply selecting the node and not affecting an immediate Post Back or browser navigation, seems to be completely foreign to the design of the new Tree View control. The Microsoft IE Web Controls version of the Tree View supported this functionality beautifully. based on my research, I've found 3 "solutions" to this issue: Digging into this problem myself, I've been sort of focusing on trying to figure out the Tree View's Java Script API, which sucks because I'm not that big a Java Script enthusiast.In the Java Script library for the Tree View (point browser to "/Web Resource.axd?To give a little background, I developed a web application in ASP.NET 1.1 using the Microsoft IE Web Controls Tree View control.chk here: Also, I have to agree with pushp -- there's only so much you can do in Java Script. Unless you have already rendered the Grid View, and it's sitting in a DIV style='display:none;' block or something, and all you need to do is unhide it.If that's the case, just chain a second statement to the end of the Navigate Url Java Script that unhides the DIV.Something like (I'm sure this would require some tweaking and hair pulling): my Node. (Note: there is a Master Page, and this content appears within the "Content" Content Place Holder, which is why the control names look convoluted.) I've got some ideas, none of which I really like. -Bryan Hi, Setting the Navigate Url property for each node(as above) to a call to Tree View_Select Node translates to setting the href for each node(which is a link on the client). We have to somehow set the onclick attribute for each node, which could have been done using node. Add but unfortunately there is no such property as Attributes for Tree Node class.Navigate Url = "javascript: Tree View_Select Node(" Tree View1. Something like (I'm sure this would require some tweaking and hair pulling): my Node. The good news is that i have got a working solution for you(if you can bear with whatever little javascript i had to write) and this time i do update the Java Script Tree View object so it knows which node is selected, the code: -------------------- window.onload = function() --------------------------- Note that you will still have to set for each node Navigate Url = "javascript:void(0);" for the above code to work.

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It appears to be just hanging on to the first one it saved. I brought up the page with the Tree View on it, and viewed the source.

) is that the code you've written duplicates work that's already doen by the Tree View Java Script library. ) that stores the currently-selected node, and a function [Tree View_Select Node(data, node, node Id)] that does the style-swapping and recording of the selected node. I'm hesitant to create a parallel node selection function to address such a (seemingly) small requirement.

I'd much rather learn how to properly use the Tree View Java Script API, if anybody on this forum knows how it works.

Navigate Url = "javascript:void(0);" also note i've included a style for selected nodes. Using this solution, I'm curious how I would know at Post Back time which element in the Tree View is selected, as the routine you wrote doesn't record this in the Tree View's Java Script data structure (Tree View_Data?

), where the Tree View server-side control presumably looks to establish control state during Post Back.

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