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i am not sure it was the same number, but one night some guy called and when i asked who he was he told me john and when i asked what the call was in reference to, he got ugly, so i gave the phone to my husband.

he was looking for a donation, for the ok state troopers association. They called my house last night for the hundreth time in 3 days; when I finally answered, they asked to speak w/ Steven. The next thing asked was how long we've had this number; if we've had it longer than 6 months.

my husband told him he should have been nice to me, no way i was going to give him any money now. When I answered yes, I was pretty much called a liar.

He then asked me again if Steven was there; when I told him no -- again, he pretty much called me a liar again before hanging up.

It said Hi:) I took your number froma frien, I bet you wont guess who I am aww, Im awful shy. I could not reply to tell them to stop texting or identify. I got a text last night (may 25) from lonwolf624 ...saying he got my number from a friend and is shy and he heard I was amusing..first I was mad a whoever would give out my number, but I could not think of who I know would do this. Well hope to see you soon." I wonder how many ppl have gotten this same text??? if someone is using the telus site to send text they can be sent with no callback.

So I thought I would ask this stranger where he got my number from and now I find out this is a scam. I am with telus for about 10 years and this has never happened before. Oh wow, so many of you guys had the exact same thing? I also received a text message say hi its bludevilgirl come see if you recognize me at date I immediately searched google and have noticed other people are saying its spam and I agree so delete the message and move on to the next. but telus should be able to tell us where the messages are origionating.

Don is never in the office so I asked for his name he said it was Jay Roberts.

I asked for his number and he rudely cut me off and said "well is he in" I responded no and before I could explain he yelled "why didnt u just say so" and hung up on me.

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