Prayer for couples dating

When Joe prays from his heart, then Shelly knows what really concerns him and she knows better how to pray for him.

And Joe knows better how to pray for Shelly when she expresses her heart felt concerns to him.

Shelly and Joe, the couple in the silhouette image, made a commitment in the beginning of their marriage to pray together every morning.

They recognize the absolutely necessity of coming before God as a couple–united before God as a team.

Prayer is often considered a private affair by many people, so it may be uncommon for people to sit outside in a public place to pray.

With that being said, if you and your sweetheart spend a lot of time praying together that probably also means you are spending a lot of time alone together (unless you are praying together over some technological medium such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Face Time).

Ask God to direct your relationship, but don’t spend a lot of time sharing the depths of your heart with each other in prayer which you would normally take before the Lord privately.

After you hold hands for a while, it will feel right to snuggle while you’re praying.

Before too long, you may find that you aren’t praying at all.

Opening up emotionally often leads to physical touch.

I don’t disagree that couples need to constantly ask God to shower them with guidance and direction, but I am leery of dating couples sharing too much prayer time together.

Both people need to be enjoying a rich prayer life on their own and praying for God to be glorified in their relationship; but, spending a lot of time praying together can lead to the following scenarios: Just as I noted in the post in this series about reading the Bible together, praying together can cause a couple who is simply getting to know each other to form a tight bond that may not be in their best interest as not every relationship is meant to move forward to marriage.

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