Prancer dating

The polar bear is too big to hide and too ridiculous to explain to the neighbors. The reindeer antlers would be good for line drying bras, which is helpful, but not much else. I thought the snowy owl would be cool, but then I remembered that birds can’t control their sphincters, so he’d just shit all over the house.

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Still, I can’t imagine what I was looking at that would result in ) is an arctic shifter who can change into a reindeer, snowy owl, arctic fox, or polar bear. Now, at this point Charli does the rational thing which is to go back in her cabin, lock the doors, close the curtains, and spend the rest of the evening drinking all the brown liquor she owns. She totally drags the naked guy with the boner back to her place. Arian wakes up and he’s all “OMG you are my fated mate! “I could live in the woods and woo you.” Her hand that was resting on his shoulder tightened. I mean,” she cleared her throat as she blushed, “you don’t have to live in the woods. We’re mates.” “I don’t know why I feel so connected to you, but I do.

To be fair, I did some Cyber Monday shopping while swigging cold medicine straight from the bottle – and I’m talking about that viscous green stuff you have to sign for, the kind where they don’t even bother to try adding flavor. Anyway, Charli touches the reindeer and he immediately transforms into a naked guy with a boner. I realize that at times I can be skeptical and lacking in what others might call “whimsy,” but I feel like Charli should have asked some questions before putting his penis inside of her. To be fair, Arian is trying to be sensitive to how new this must be for Charli: “Unless you want me to go? I’ve never done it before, but I could figure it out.” He looked toward the window.

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