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Must be over 6 foot 4 tall, must have a beard, must love dogs, no liars or cheats ( as if anyone would admit they are that! I even went in and changed the password through email but when I try to sign in with new password it tells me the same message.

) then they have the dislikes list, things like bad breath, body odour, hangovers, all the things normal [people dislike and wouldn't need to mention this is the scraping of the barrel and there has to be better ways to find nice women inside and out All of a sudden the app would not let me sign in. Called customer service (in India) and they were useless Tried to give me some BS about my network being compromised.

Don't know if it's the culture of the day or the internet that's caused it but the vast majority of woman on here have a real chip on their shoulders and even when they're average at best they want some tall dark handsome man and won't compromise Good riddance I'd sooner be single I saw a commercial on TV that promoted POF as free, comparing it to other dating sites where you have to pay.

Stay At Home Mum (since when has that been a profession? Make outlandish demands from men and are basically the dregs nobody else wants I actually got messaged first by a woman but all she did was talk about herself and asked nothing about me. Yes I'm going to spend a hour composing a message you'll ignore anyway It seems they have either mental issues, are immature, don't like men, are just on the site messing about or seem to think they are some kind of goddess expecting the perfect man to rock up to their pathetic profile and message them.

This website contains women that have been rejected by men in the real world or ones that look in the mirror and see a model looking back when its not the case Someone needs to tell them you dont get a 10/10 guy if you are only a 2/10 yourself.Of course, they're allowiing me to sign up again, but I've lost all of my contacts and emails and they're not helpful in any way.And, there's no such things as customer service. I wouldn't call myself athletic, but I do exercise, eat right and take care of myself. I go through all their nonsense and start searching. When I searched for body type "skinny", "athletic", or even "average", I came up with goose eggs - zero! I'm pretty sure everyone's taking about 10-20 years off their age too. He messed up alot and always tries to turn it around on you. Taking a look, these gals are all fatties being flattering about their obesity. Im sure a lot of ppl have done well on it but for me it's not quite what you see on the tin. He was nice the first month then he flipped his crazy switch.

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