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It’s pretty simple – I’m a counselor, educator, and writer.

I use this blog as an electronic portal for information sharing to anyone who pops by.

Cancer tends to dominate in this area, leading Pisces into the abyss of sexual pleasure and romancing her for long hours.

Cancer can lead her into exploring her Pisces sexuality and becoming more of a woman than she ever dreamed was possible.

Instead, my goal is to simply share insights about Pisces men using tenants of Jungian psychology, coupled with wisdom from the ancients.

In this article, you will learn: We’ll start off with the positive and negative traits of male Pisces.

These scores show the averages for data collected from my clients over the past 20 years.

It's important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously.

In the traditions of horoscopic astrology, all men (and women) born between the dates of February 20 – March 20 fall under the Pisces sign. While there are shards of truth to these claims, they aren’t pushovers.Sadly, much of what you will read on the web Pisces men tends to be incorrect.That’s because so much of what’s out there simply repeats astro-babble and doesn’t get to the heart of the man. As a reader, you have a right to know about the author.His Pisces woman mate is just the opposite; she tends to be more of a loner though she needs a man in her life.Pisces has to take time for her to reinvigorate and Cancer does not always understand the reasons for this.

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