Petsmart managers dating associates

Buy the expensive ones they're worth it, Even just for peace of mind.He now goes for months without the collar because he learned. And does your Pet Smart pay well or is it relatively stingy? Some stores only carry females, while some only carry males. " If you truly want to understand and train a dog properly, you wouldn't be making your dogs actions human. I've met more people than I could ever fathom lack the most basic common sense when it comes to animals. My personal belief is that everything needs to eat, just make sure you get animals meant for it, and not ones people have spent time handling to prepare them to become a pet. I would say most recently when a naggy soccer mom came in asking about getting her dog to walk better. I handed her the leash and said, "Fine, I can't help you." I ended up on register a few minutes later when I ended up ringing the collar up for her. There have been dog fights, but I use an air horn to end them. I've been bit by a dog once, and the woman refused to give me her information to gather proof of a rabies shot for the dog. When she saw it she made a fit about it and that there was something around his nose.Surprised to find out the most pushy manager is the worst? He is extremely pushy (I ignore it now so I don't let it phase me) and I've had customers complain to me about him.. I don't, but I do assist there from time to time when it gets busy. When small animals like hamsters get sick, it's very hard to keep them from dying.As for this, we have a 14 day guarantee on our animals, which is enough time for an illness to show up. Pet Smart promotes finding homes for homeless pets, therefore, no Petsmart sells dogs or cats.

Adults are easy understanding "stop, don't approach my dog." Also, same with other dogs. ) And all the associates hound them till they leave. I've not noticed very many "older" employees in the store I go to, especially in the grooming room. (I figured with all the activity and such)How come Pet Co employees seem to know what they're talking about and their stores are more cluttered, feeling more "pet store"-ish, yet are still a corporation, and Pet Smart's employees can't seem to form a sentence if I ask them a question and their stores are super open and bright?EDIT: spelling A customer who has some basic knowledge, or even just common sense. I work there as a dog trainer, and some techniques don't always make sense on the exterior, however, with basic understanding, they work very well Why do you guys never carry female rats? My store has females, and yes we carry female rats. We have an order sheet so if we haven't sold any rats that week, the company knows that and will only send us none, or one or two.I adopted one ' Susanna' and bought one ' Calisi. Pet Smart pays decent in comparison to other retail jobs I've worked. (I'm a dog trainer.)We look for people who have owned animals before and have had experience with a few different species. Unfortunately, hamsters have recently (10 years) started getting wet tail.In my opinion, I would never suggest working or using any of Petsmarts services or buying their products.Their treatment of workers in their Colorado stores as well as other stores is in my opinion substandard.

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