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Am I eligible for interfiling my GC case to EB2 without losing original priority date. I thought they had done away with the practice of temporary license for H1B's, but apparently not.

Is it mandatory that I should be eligible for EB2 criteria (like 5 years experience or Post Grad Degree) as on original Priority Date for interfiling to work. BTW...can now apply directly to NSC or TSC as per the state they are applying from.

Called the NSC on wed and today...was told that I need to wait 90 days from the date of submitting the 485 to receive a receipt number.

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see Direct Filing062107So there is now a choice till July 30 for everybody's kind information! I hope some one from core team also takes notice of this and gives it some consideration.There's also some mild kissing and jokes about teen pregnancy.Inspired by his childhood experiences, comedian Chris Rock narrates the hilarious, touching story of a teenager growing up in Brooklyn during the early '80s.And after july fiasco he said it's better to wait for rfe and respond rather then ammending 485 application, now that's another question that my attorney will easily make it to top 10 list of all time worst attorneys. So I would say wait till you get an RFE and respond underlying problem, is not that american kids are not smart or hard working. it does not pay because the wheelers/dealers/fixers/middlemen/bullshitters make the money. A Memorandum of Marriage is required to obtain a Marriage Certificate.american kids work hard when at law school/med school/mba. Here is a sample (Schedule A) of the Memorandum of Marriage.

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