Outlook keeps updating cached messages

Users can recognize this because Outlook doesn’t respond correctly.This can happen if one of the following tasks is being performed: Cached Exchange Mode i.c.w.As you have seen there are a lot of things you should consider before enabling it.One of these things is the Outlook version that is in use.When you quit Outlook Windows Desktop Search won’t index the OST. Windows Desktop Search is that the requests will be processed locally instead of sending them to the Exchange Server.If you choose to work in Online Mode make sure you are implementing Windows Desktop Search 4.0.Using the workaround we will ensure that the Black Berry Server will retrieve the mail with a delay of 45 seconds. Black Berry recommends to decrease this value once you have confirmed this fixes the sync issues. Windows Desktop Search Windows Desktop Search can be used to index the content of a mailbox.In Cached Exchange Mode you will need leave Outlook running to index the content of the OST.

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By default the file is stored in The advantage of Cached Exchange Mode is that mailbox content is also available when you don’t have a connection to Exchange, excluded the new items which haven’t been cached.

If a user does make a change to the message it will be updated in the Information Store.

Because the properties of both messages are not the same this will result in conflicts.

Impact of Cached Exchange Mode on Outlook functionalities Besides the earlier called scenarios there are some additional functionalities which are influenced when using Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode.

Below an overview of the functionalities: These functions require a connection to the Exchange environment.

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