Otk dating defined

Cross Counter can doubling deflecting damage (like Stone Statue of the Aztecs effect).Reverse Glasses, Mirror Wall, and Shrink is good to halving opponent monster(s) ATK.In Hearthstone, that means a combination of cards which when playing in a turn deals 30 or more Damage.It is simply a deck which can, from hand, deal that much damage in a single turn. Card of Demise and Pot of Desires is the draw power of this deck. The strategy of this deck getting at least 1 monster (more better if you got Stone Statue of the Aztecs because this card can deflecting double damage).Pot of Duality is good because you have some option to take card you needed.D2 Shield & Rise to Full Height is the key cards, this two card can doubling monster DEF.

If your opponent attack your Stone Statue of the Aztecs, active Rise to Full Height and chain with D2 Shield, that will make Stone Statue of the Aztecs DEF become 8000.I'd refer to stuff like MTG's Storm decks - generally not actual OTK decks by your definition (preboard they're around turn 1.5-2 on avg, dropping postboard) - as OTKs even in MTG.It can't be one shot kill, because you're killed in multiple shots, generally, for example Maly-frostbolt-frostbolt-ice lance-ice lance.Killing your opponent on turn 5,6, or 7 for instance in one shot or with a certain If you can kill your opponent from full health it is an OTK, some "OTK" decks cannot deal 30 dmg in 1 round, making it a bit effy..Now it is not called TOK, which Turn 1 kill or Turn One Kill would be, so you kinda have no point at all : D One Turn Kill is a Combination of cards which deal enough damage to kill the opponent from full health in a single turn.

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