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The cons : yes, maybe , egoistically speaking, she could show her new " look " by a different way, but, I dunno, maybe, Sapphira wanted to try something of new even though, probably, she was totally aware that most of her admirers would have not appreciated , since, we got used to watch her by a total different way, though, I do not feel to judge her , I am only a bit disappointed, that's all.Despite all, Sapphira is always a very decent girl who has never behaved like a model wannabe with a pair of fake Luis Vuitton Stilettos and a Prada dress made in Thailand as well as to open a web site in synergy with other naked models ( porno actress as well ) where they propose tons of " exclusive photos " and the infamous " tips " pages or the Amazon gift list.....where they ask from a simple lingerie set till a Bose Lifestyle 850 home entertainment System maybe, a 55 in Oled TV :) What to say : if probably Bob Guccione was still alive he knew very well how to persuade Sapphira to make good photo sets and video at Penthouse :)Anyway, Sapphira is always Sapphira nothing else matter Quote : (Your kidding) - I know it’s terribly politically incorrect, but I'm also very fond of her enhanced assets and I also think her tattoos are both stylish, sexy and not excessive - but then I belong to the young, liberated generation..I would think the opposite - it is more now politically correct is the tats, boob job etc. Yes, I know it’s terribly politically incorrect, but I'm also very fond of her enhanced assets and I also think her tattoos are both stylish, sexy and not excessive - but then I belong to the young, liberated generation ;) The horrible video you mention I think most of us want to forget and I know she also regrets it deeply but unfortunately it cannot be undone, but there is no reason to dwell on it either.The contact sheet the impostor added on Twitter is five years old (easy to find) and she grown a bit since then - apart from that most sites state she is 5'6" / 168 cm and she confirms it herself in an interview a year ago.I don't want to be a joykill but like you said the market outside nude modeling/porno is huge, but not only can this potentially bring opportunities, it inherently also attracts tens of millions girls all trying to get a piece of the pie. The gross (uneducated) majority becomes a waitress or resorts to escort (when they have been erotic models in the past).The " luckiest ones " become stars or, better , meteors, and many switch to work like escorts ( prostitutes ) or lap dancers.though, most of them " in private " will tell : I made only wrong choices and in that moment i wanted " easy money " because of many reasons, but, despite all I did not ruin anybody's life Sapphira is simply a pretty girl who is working in adult entertainment industry nothing else, and, in a few years she will leave and , probably, she will be looking for a different job as well as she might have a good husband and a couple of kids to take care about and to be a good housewife.

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Yes, you are correct, we can find Sapphira on many Photo studios, but, probably , most Sapphira's admirers are asking if it might be possible to watch the " actual " Sapphira on popular websites like Femjoy, Watch4beauty, Metart X etc etc.Once I had been thinking that , maybe , on Stasy Q it might be possible to watch her since that website loves girls with tattoos, duck lips and " augmented " boobs, but, probably, they have never contacted her.Thanks God ( based on Freakly posts ) she has kept " original " her is certainly the trend with so many, and as for liberated younger folk WHAT - Justin Bieber and so many girly acts no I think not. However I think the pictures Carl Gia, Philippe Lesage and Murray Richards (shown on Instagram), shot after her boob job are quite wonderful, but of course it would have been great if they had been published on some stylish, mainstream glamour site like Met Art or Femjoy.HA :) Agree though the drunk video was off putting to say the least. I wouldn’t completely rule out either the possibility that something shot last year actually gets published on some major site like Playboy. Well regarding Sapphira she is one of my favorite, but, I feel a bit disappointed about she left " pussy industry "Of course, there are still many unreleased photo set and videos of her ( when she still was " natural " and she did not have tattoos ) but I am in opinion that most admirers of her would have been much happier to watch Sapphira with her big fake boobs ( frankly speaking I like them ) and her tattoos in some new photo set/video and probably Peter Hegre or other Erotic photographers would have not closed the door to Sapphira, and why not ? To add to this I wouldn't be surprised if Playboy repackage some more of her sets as they have already done before.

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