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for assuies chatters icq bring chat rooms for Australia country where you guys can chat with friends also do enjoy video chat with friends live chat free fun..This is a large list of links that I've collected over the last few years.Basically a huge collection of internet links on both specific animals and veterinary medicine, sorted into easy to use categories.- If the thought of dissecting an animal on your kitchen table doesn't exactly endear you to science instruction, this site can help.You can 'dissect' a frog virtually with this site, as well as learn about squid and dissect an owl pellet to reassemble the skeleton of the owl's last meal. Registration is free (and optional) to save your location and send you e-mail alerts, if desired.- Track orbiting satellites and actually find them in the sky. - From Florida State University, this huge site is so cool!

You can also choose categories, such as Entertainment, the Old West, Literary, several wars, etc. - If you're a homeschooler, you probably spend a lot of time at the local library, and that means dealing with the Dewey Decimal sytem. - This site takes you step-by-step to create a story using mythical hero structure/folklore. Read the website owner's technical notes for an interesting commentary. This is a cool site and very handy when you need it!

If I can determine that a site is specifically Christian, I will note that next to the link.

Please preview these sites before allowing your children to view them.

Very interesting for studying specific countries/languages or for general study of cultural differences or language.

- Thousands of out-of-copyright books reproduced online in text format, free for the downloading. This is a great resource for hard-to-find, out of print books - all for free!

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