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When this happens, it is time to move to the United States.Another reason a Canadian will move to America is a new job.Of course, there are plenty of forms to fill out, no matter what country you are moving to.If you’re moving from Canada to the US, it could be for one of a few reasons. If a Canadian meets an American who lives in the United States and they fall in love, marriage is usually the next step.After 10 years, your green card will expire and need to be renewed.For a more permanent solution, you can apply for US citizenship after 10 years.

Once the I-485 is filed, you will be required to have your fingerprints taken. When all of the forms are completed and approved, you will get the stamping in your passport and receive your plastic Green Card.

Some people move to the United States from Canada to get an education.

While Canada has some excellent universities, many Canadians choose American schools.

Once the petition has been approved and you are an immediate family member, you do not need to wait for a visa number. You should then make an appointment for your immigrant visa interview with the US Consulate in Canada.

Before you go in for the interview, you will need a medical exam and possibly vaccinations as well.

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